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Nancy Pelosi
  Minority Leader Pelosi Warns Riders Could Threaten Spending Bill  CSPAN  April 27, 2017 8:05pm-8:36pm EDT

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full budget request. we hear it is coming in, in late may. the chairwoman is working on her own budget resolution. she says they are trying to get to balance within 10 years. there will have to be a lot of deep spending cuts in order for that to happen. president trump has just proposed some tax changes that could add $7 billion to the budget deficit in the next 10 years. it remains to be seen exactly where the house and senate will come out on a topline number four of creations for 2018. if it is anywhere near the $54 president trump has already proposed, that would be difficult to get to congress because democrats will not be able to support that. more onan read and follow him on twitter. ui for the update. minority leader pelosi and speaker ryan talked about the short-term measure to fund
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the government at their weekly briefings today. let us watch. >> as you know, washington is a honoringdedicated to our founders and you see monuments and statues throughout the city and throughout the capital complex to that end. we do revere our founders and we are grateful for their leadership and vision. but what we do here, which is part of our founders' vision is to work for the future. you are our inspiration and purpose. thank you for being here today and for being a constant
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inspiration as to what our purpose is and our responsibility to our children. our founders predicated their optimism on the fact that every generation would take responsibility to make the future better for the next generation. honoring the vowels of our to thes and committed aspirations of our children, i thank you for coming. break somee will rules today by having some questions from the kids. another pressve opportunity upstairs later. i know that you may be interested in the -- in addition to the fact that this is "ring ,our children to work day" negotiations continue on the omnibus package. we are committed to keeping government open. our major concern in the negotiation has been about the funding for the wall and the uncertainty regarding the see our payment, crucial to the
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stability of the marketplaces and the affordable care act. we made some progress in both of those areas. more progress needs to be made. we continue to be concerned about the poison pills. the riders that are still in the legislation including those that undermine a woman's right for comprehensive health care, undermine dodd-frank's protections for american consumers including the consumer financial protection bureau. and overall, the fiduciary rule which over -- undermines the to investors,had especially seniors, so that the person advising them is operating in their interest. these are all rules that are not in the interest of protecting the consumer and individual rights that we are fighting. as you all know, saturday is a big day. the 100th day of the trump administration.
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100 days of broken promises to working people. 100 days of handouts to the wealthiest people in our country. all this week, house and senate democrats have been leading daily actions highlighting the start reality -- the stark reality of president trump's conduct. some people have asked me what great i might give him. we could take it subject by subject and broken promises on infrastructure and jobs. f. we have not seen a jobs bill or an infrastructure built for all of the talk. f. broken promises on america's health care. -. i will go into more on that later. broken promises to drain the and histacking the deck cabinet with lobbyists. he said he was going to fire wall street and yet, again, he
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has hired them into his cabinet against the interests of the public. dismantling the neutrality that will chill competition from hurt consumers, and punish entrepreneurs, and destroy the openness of the internet. everywhere you look, you will see something that undermines openness, transparency, consumer rights. whether it is the health care or the tax bill, something that extracts money from the middle class to the wealthiest people. broken promises to working families. drain the swamp, f. broken promises to working families and keeping promises to the wealthy few. that is what he has done in every place. attacking clean air, clean water. he said we would have clean air and clean water. and what does he do? he undermines the epa.
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unleashing wall street, dismantling and undermining america's values. on monday, we were on the phone with some of you. chuck schumer and chairman perez talking about the over promises made and promises broken. jobsday, we have had tuesday, health care wednesday. today, as we speak, a b it is still going on, draining the swamp lead from our side by elijah cummings. tomorrow, if you will join us, chuck and i, on the broken promises to working families. democrats believe that every day, we must be about job creation for everyone, everywhere in our country. but republicans have spent the first 100 days trying to weaken working families and put more money in the pockets of the wealthiest people in our country. yesterday, was the big day for the tax plan. did you see it?
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here it is. the tax plan. one page. first third of the page is grow the economy and create jobs. descriptive but no provisions. every word of it is about tax breaks for the high end. trickle-down economics. there is room for bipartisan tax reform. we have said this over and over. we stand ready to come together for simplification, fairness. we come together to lower the corporate rate which gets corporations to pay their taxes. to go forward in a way -- when our members go to the table to discuss this, they had no instruction from me. they know the values of our caucus. he only thing that i said is put growth in the middle of the table.
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economic growth to create good paying jobs. wherever this ingestion come, be agnostic. -- wherever the suggestions come, be agnostic. goode there if they grow paying jobs and reduce the deficit. instead, republicans are focusing and the president is focusing on -- instead of focusing on hard-working families, his tax reform is a wish list for billionaires. trickle-down, all over again. guess who it is trickling all over? in 2005 alone, the only year we have the president's tax information, get this, the president's plan would have changed -- he would have paid $30 million more. and that year, he paid, whatever proposal were -- this he is putting forth would have reduced his tax bill by $30 million.
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have paid $5 million instead of $35 million. the scant handful of specifics overwhelmingly cuts taxes to the wealthiest. it could explode the deficit, $5.5ou ready for this -- trillion. tax breaks for the rich. same old, same old. economics.n all to the advantage of the high-end end, at the expense of working families and to increase the deficit. $5.5 trillion. it does not meet any of the standards we spoke about earlier, create growth, create good paying jobs and reduce the deficit. america cannot support another republican tax plan. that i would get back to the health care. f-. the same billionaire first
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agenda drives america's health care, raises america's health cost committed. don't -- deductibles and out-of-pocket while handing tax breaks to the richest people in the country. and extraction of wealth from the middle class. cost, 24 means higher million people losing health coverage, gutting key protection, a crushing age tax for those 50-60 four and stealing from medicare. and to make matters worse, the republicans unveiled their plan to make trumpcare even more cruel and costly. house republicans latest version of trumpcare means heart stopping premium increases for americans with anything from asthma, cancer, the whole list of diagnoses. essential health benefits and protections for pre-existing conditions. essential health
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benefits and protections for pre-existing conditions. theyey were to get them, would be so astronomically expensive and it would enable insurance companies to charge whatever they want for them if they could even get the health coverage that one so desperately needs. immorality, as i call the trumpcare, is perfectly in caps on related in the house republican earlier attempt -- they put out a bill earlier that exempted members of congress own health care coverage from the damage it would do to everyone else. which in the face of public outrage, they are now backing off of. the nerve they would have. they still have in the bill that insurance companies executives can make more money -- we had a limitation on what they could do. -- on what they could ded uct -- and in this bill,
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membersmpt the ceo and of congress from the nastiness of their own bill. but again, public sentiment is everything. huge andc outrage is they are trying to make a change to the bill. see in the gop taste to pass the bill and donald trump try to cram it down in the last 100 days, i think he is making full of the members of congress, and of his own party. he is asking them to vote for a bill that is wildly unpopular in the country. stuck tol be doodoo their shoe for a long time to come. consequences to the american people. so, with that, i will briefly take any questions. >> that is a long list of indictments on the trump policy proposal. what have you seen in the 100 days that is encouraging to you?
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pelosi: this was a modified list. time does not allow me to go into detail into the other things. did i say that he promised to read a world of terrible diseases and then cut $6 billion out of the national institutes of health? i barely went into his budget where he promised infrastructure and cuts aliens of dollars from the transportation department. have -- anything that i >> what report do you have on syria? pelosi: the president is playing with fire when he talks about north korea. we have to exhaust all .iplomatic efforts i would hope that the president
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would listen to those who are cautioning for being more in terms of saber rattling. in syria, we are very sad about those children and families that sarinffected by the attack. we had children all over the world, a billion and have children and next six months alone in africa will die of malnutrition. many millions more will have their growth stunted for lack of nutrition. in our own country, one in every four children go to bed hungry listed innd are poverty. i'm glad he was moved by the children of syria. we all have been. it would be nice if you would be moved to allow them into the country instead of having a restriction on those refugees from syria coming in, especially
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if they are muslim. there are so many inconsistencies. i am trying really hard to find something positive. i wonder -- this morning, he had three tweets. i thought he was more a creature that stalked at night. now, they have spread into the morning. let me think for a while. >> will democrats in the house support the continuing regulation --the continuing resolution? mrs. pelosi: long ago, we decided that the only reason we with support an extension the cr is if we are ready for the bill. have come to agreement. and then it is a matter of
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writing it up and passing it on the floor of the house and the senate. period ofre a implementation and not of decision-making. we have been having this debate for a long time. we still have a outstanding areas of concern, puerto rico, disaster assistance, issues that there is a long list. and then, i have the poison pills. is still apill list considerably long list that we have to get rid of. our position had been, if we are ready, we will give it another week to implement. but if it is just more time kicking the can down the road to have it go back and forth and unknowns injected into the debate, we are not there. since we said that, up until yesterday, they have now said
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that the rule that goes forward will also be a rule to advance the president's health care bill. well, they are mixing apples and oranges here and they are making matters worse. i assume that they have the votes to pass their extension. we are never going to shut the government down. in fact, we do not even have the power to do that. they have the majority, the president, the senate, and the house. any shutting down of government, the ball is in their court. we have not done that. they have a record of doing that on more than one occasion. and it is wrong for our country. we -- they should be ighing this is for our country. as of now, the democrats are not prepared to support the cr?
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mrs. pelosi: it depends on what form it will take. we hope we can resolve the differences. left to their own devices, the members of the -- ipriations committee come from appropriations and intelligence. are two committees that strive for bipartisanship as much as possible. left to their owned devices, the appropriations committee and make their own decision. these poison pills come from on high. i asked the speaker if he was aware of the poison pills. we have said -- some of my members do not want any cr. they think there has been plenty of time and they are not going to vote for the cr.
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but depending on where we are on this bill, i think some will. i will. if republicans move forward with a health care vote this week and they tie it to funding the government, to you think they are risking a government shutdown? mrs. pelosi: i'm not sure they would tie the health care bill ofthat would be the height stupidity with stiff competition, mind you, but nonetheless. the height of stupidity to date. i don't think they would go to this place. what they are doing is time the rule for the health care bill to the rule of the continuing resolution which is not a good idea. they probably have the votes for that. saidtatement that they that they would be taking up this bill tomorrow or the next day -- who knows if they have the votes to do that. let me just say this. they are in a news-lose--- they
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ose-lose lose-l situation. when they brought it up before, they had 17% of the american people. it, justote on bringing it up, is not good. if they vote on it, the minute they touch that though, they put doodoo on their shoe. the plaintiff for their children. they will have to explain it to their children. and then, they would pass it which would be even worse. it is largely on passable in the senate. is that maybeid he will let them go until next wednesday. article one, the legislative branch of independent
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government. the first branch of government. the president had -- has not seemed to catch up on the fact be able to let congress work its will without an artificial timetable and bringing something to the floor before it is ready to put to the vote and ready for the public to accept. you reference to a list of the poison pills. can we have a copy of that? mrs. pelosi: of course not. some of them relate to overturning the fiduciary rule. that means that you are an investor that depends on an advisor to get advice on how to invest. and under this fiduciary rule, the advisor has a responsibility to advise you in your interests.
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not in his interests. it has anow what -- market opportunity of the investment community which is thriving on this new fiduciary rule of fairness to the investor. it has built confidence. it is a good thing. giveaway toheir underminings, and dodd-frank. all of the vital protections. they want to take us back to where we were before the meltdown of our economy in 2008 by eliminating the protections of dodd-frank. undermining women's right to health care. the worst in the world. cityrms of the mexico policy and the rest of that, to name a few. clean air. clean water. you name it. they probably have a poison pill for that. >> you have more experience with these kinds of negotiations.
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you gave an assessment about how much -- how more progress should be made that you have not given your judgment as to how optimistic you are. withrday, you are dealing th mid -- you are dealing with mick mulvaney and then someone else later in the afternoon. pelosi:losi: -- mrs. left to their own advices -- devices, the appropriators can work this out unless they get from on high, some determination that they have to have certain poison pills in the bill. and then, assume they have the votes to pass it on their own. remember, they have the majority to keep government open, whatever the bill is.
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whatever the bill is. alwaystimistic -- i have been optimistic about it. i have confidence in the appropriators to do the right thing by the american people. and they understand each other's priorities and they understand the limitation of resources that the competition for funds demands. i thought with goodwill, i dealt with director mulvaney. and then, he said he was going -- he said i was going to shut down the government. first of all, i do not have the power. i would not have done it. it is not in my value system. i have bailed them out a number of time so they did not shut down the government. he of all people talking about shutting down government -- he was one of the ringleaders of shutting down government when it was shut down for 17 days. he was one of the ringleaders and the scores of republicans
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that voted to keep government shutdown after this 17 days and the public outcry was such that speaker boehner brought the measure to the floor. and we supported the number is that they had to open up government. and so, he has been a champion on shutting down and keeping government shutdown and not honoring the -- of the united states of america. but, nonetheless, we had a pleasant conversation. i thought we had an understanding. you asked about the white house. and then i will have to go. usn they say something about , they are projecting their own views. like the president saying -- i do not know what he is saying soay, because he is think many things, some of them contradictory.
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always, when he is saying something, he is saying that this is what i would do. he is projecting his own bad intentions onto other people. but he does not know what our commitment is to the american people. we would not resort to his standard of performance. there is a powerpoint presentation prepared to buy republican leadership in the house appropriations committee distributed to republican describing how they can get your marks -- earmarks into bills without raising red flags. in essence, you have a powerpoint presentation, a tutorial by republicans for republicans with regard to your marks -- earmarks. know, speaker ryan has said there is a moratorium on earmarks. maybe you could comment on this
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contradiction? leader pelosi: i am not aware of this stealth proposal. let me just say, that i do not like the stealth nature of that. when i was speaker, i did not legislatively designated projects as long as they were were putnt, that they online days in advance, identified as to who was putting it forward, and it was restricted to projects for cities and counties, the areas that people represent and not a corporation. unless it was something that dealt with national defense, and
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the defense department is asking for it. with transparency, identification, long-term notice, the fact that congress would exercise its discretion is to me, a worthy pursuit. how to getth plan on it in with no one noticing. but it is interesting. i think that the speaker has squashed any interest on the part of the republicans to come forward with, shall i say, legislatively designated projects, some might call it earmarks. in the communities that are blessed by them, they call them blessings. >> does this surprise you? pelosi: nothing surprises me. have our picture
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taken. come on up.
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leader pelosi: children are our greatest resource. that is what you are. >> thank you, madam leader.